Types of Hippopotamuses

Hippopotamus Species Index

  • Hippopotamus Species
    Today there are only two Hippo species remaining – the Pygmy Hippos and the Common Hippos. Experts believe that at least three different Hippo species have become extinct.
  • Common Hippopotamus
    Weighing approximately three tons is the Common Hippo. It is the larger of two remaining species of Hippos in the world. From the early times of Egyptian writings, the Hippo has been considered a symbol of strength and fertility in their culture.
  • Pygmy Hippopotamus
    The size of the Pygmy Hippo is substantially smaller than that of the other species which is the Common Hippo. However, tipping the scales at about one ton is nothing small to bat an eye about.
  • Extinct Hippopotamus Species
    There are a few species of Hippos that have become extinct over time. The most recent one is the Malagasy Hippo. It is believed that they were around until about 1,000 years ago.