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Hippopotamus Habitat – where do hippos live?

You will find a group of Hippos living in lakes and rivers. Sometimes the groups are very small with only about five members, but they can be as large as thirty members though. It depends on if there is enough room for their basic needs to be met.

Hippopotamus Feeding – what do hippos eat?

The main source of food for the Hippo is the short grass. They spend five or more hours grazing every single evening. They may walk up to five miles during that period of time. A hippo can also consume up to 150 pounds of food per day.

Hippopotamus Distribution – where can we find hippos?

The majority of Hippo’s that live in the wild are found in Africa. Approximately 125,000 to 150,000 of them are found in that area. Smaller amounts of these animals are found in some other areas.

Hippopotamus Anatomy – How is the hippo’s body?

There is no other creature in the world that presents a body similar to the Hippo. They are well known due to the rounded barrel shape of their bodies. This is the core part of them and where most of the bulk comes in.

Hippopotamus Evolution

The Hippo is a creature that has been around for a very long time. There is evidence to suggest they walked on the Earth more than 55 million years ago.

Hippopotamus Reproduction – How do hippos reproduce?

While we do know the basics, there is plenty about Hippo reproduction that we still need to find out about. We do know that they mate while in the water.

Hippopotamus Predators

Some people believe that the Hippo has no natural predators on the wild. The life of a Hippo is mainly spent in the water during the day.

Hippopotamus Social Structure

The Hippo social structure is very interesting and has been carefully observed on many levels. Males usually claim a stretch of territory where they will reign.

Hippopotamus Aggression – Are hippos really aggressive?

Hippo aggression isn’t a myth but a fact. These are categorized as the most aggressive animal in the world. Even other dangerous animals including crocodiles and alligators won’t mess with them or their offspring.